Do You Need a Career Break?

Burned out from you job?

I hear ya. Been there a few too many times.

Most times, when people want to leave a job, they don’t consider taking a break in-between careers. This then leads to more burn out and the cycle perpetuates.

Taking a career break is not career suicide.

Career breaks can propel you forward even further than if you were to go directly into another job.

If I hadn’t taken months off, I would not have lasted very long in my next career. I needed the time off to gain clarity on what I wanted the next chapter of my professional life to look like.

I also used the time to get my finances in order. Most importantly, I used the space to get clear on what career fulfillment meant for me. I wouldn’t have been able to find stillness and tap into my intuition if I had gone directly into another job.

Heck, I would not have been able to reach financial independence had I not taken the months off in-between my last two jobs! Kind of ironic huh?

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