Got F-You Money?

An emergency fund is a must-have.

Can’t stand another day at your 9-5 job? Ready to quit even without another job lined up? No worries, you’re not alone. I’ve been there...a number of times. So let’s make sure you get your finances in order so it’s more of a “calculated” leap of faith.

Emergency fund = F-You Money

In light of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movement, F-You money is especially crucial. If you are going into a hostile workplace each day, it’s time to say F-You to that.

In addition, F-You money can provide peace of mind in case of a layoff or unexpected medical expense.

Over the years of working in a male dominated “old boys club” environment, I’ve tapped my emergency fund several times. Having resigned from my job without a plan, it has taken the pressure off of having to find another job immediately.

How much F-You Money do you need?

Many financial experts recommend a 6-12 month emergency fund. That is 6-12 months of your monthly expenses in savings.

Everyone’s risk tolerance is different, so it’s up to you to decide the final number. Either way, always plan for the worst case scenario.

Trust me, I’ve experienced my worst case scenarios during one of my brief periods of unemployment. This included a medical emergency while traveling overseas during my Eat, Pray and Love journey.

The anxiety over the hospital bill felt ten times worse than the physical pain I was in the hospital for. Sure, I had health insurance. But not overseas coverage.

Then a week after of returning home, I found out my father was in a car accident. I found myself flying across the country to be with him in ICU. He’s ok now but let me tell you, last minute direct flights are expensive!

Fortunately, I did not deplete my emergency fund before I was able to lock down a Plan B. However, the lesson learned was priceless.

Unemployment for over a year? Large unexpected medical bill? Last minute flight purchases for emergencies? Whatever that worst case situation may be for you, be sure to factor it in your emergency fund.

F-You Money Calculator

How close am I to saying F-You? I asked this question many many times throughout my life in corporate. In order to know if I was even remotely close to my target number, I played around with different financial goal calculators.

Of all the different calculators out there, Personal Capital offers one of the most in-depth financial planning calculators. And it’s free to use!

Know exactly where you stand relative to your FIRE goals.

Ready to say F-You to your job?

See how close you are to FIRE-ing your boss here!