Your FIRE team

Without a solid team, I would not have been able to achieve FIRE. After all, we are the average of the people we spend the most time with.

Surround yourself with the right people.

Financial Advisors:

This may mean having to cut ties with those who just never seem to bring out the best in you. This may also mean to work with financial professionals who can help you reach FIRE.

Not sure where to start with investing? I hear ya. Determining your asset allocation and constructing your portfolio can be overwhelming.

But in order to reach FIRE faster, the key is to have your money work for you. Yes, your money should be earning more money for you...not just withering away in a savings account (losing value to inflation!)

The registered financial advisors at Personal Capital provide a range of financial planning support. This even includes home financing, retirement planning, and stock options.  

We all may have similar goals for financial freedom but everyone’s financial situation is different. For a significantly less cost than traditional financial advisors, you can receive a customized strategy just for your specific situation here.

CPA, Bookkeeping, S-Corp Formation:

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Passive Income Strategist:

Need support on your career change? Looking to talk through your passive income goals?

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