No More Coupons

Cutting coupons isn’t the fastest way to achieve financial freedom. Sure, budgeting and saving is helpful to speed up the path to financial freedom. But only to a certain extent. Here’s why I don’t cut coupons to save money.

Assess your money history to identify blocks.

Growing up, my parents fought about money all the time. We lived paycheck to paycheck...barely.

Overtime, I saw money as a scarce resource. I also saw it as evil and a source of power to control relationships.

Scarcity Mindset

It took me a while to shift out of a scarcity into an abundance mindset. In fact, it’s still an ongoing practice to bust through limiting beliefs around money.

Constantly worried about money? If so, you may be programming your brain to operate on a scarcity mindset.

When the mind focuses on lack, you push yourself further away from financial abundance. Developing an abundance mindset can be a lifelong learning process even if it just takes a few steps.

Money Mistakes

We all have made money mistakes. Even Warren Buffett made money mistakes and yes, big ones.

Self-forgiveness is the foundation for learning from money mistakes. When we learn from our money mistakes, we are better able to bust through stubborn blocks holding us back from giving and receiving wealth.

Money Blocks

Budgeting and using coupons can be a good means to an end. But when you become obsessive about pinching pennies, it blocks your ability to manifest wealth.

Your time and energy is poured into figuring out different ways to save. Rather than create space for opportunities to make more money, you end up doing just the opposite.

The point is to be financially free to have more options in life.

Options can include taking more calculated risks. For instance, taking time off from work to pursue a new business venture.

It takes more than just cutting coupons to reach FIRE. Heck, it takes more than just a six-figure salary too!

The journey to FIRE requires you to have your hard earned money working for you.

Your money should be earning more money for you...not just withering away in a savings account (losing value to depreciation)!

Reach FIRE faster: Invest to take advantage of compounding interest.

Not sure where to start with investing? I hear ya. Determining your asset allocation and constructing your portfolio can be overwhelming.

The registered advisors at Personal Capital provide a range of financial planning support. This even includes home financing, retirement planning, and stock options.

We all may have similar goals for financial freedom but everyone’s financial situation is different.

For a significantly less cost than traditional financial advisors, you can receive a customized strategy just for your specific situation here!

Reaching FIRE doesn’t happen overnight.

It’s time to take some simple but powerful action. Being consistent with discipline is what it takes. Simple but not necessarily easy. So…

Surround yourself with the right people.

This may mean having to cut ties with those who just never seem to bring out the best in you. This may also mean to work with financial professionals who can help you reach FIRE.