Video: Financial Independence Retire Early (FIRE)

It's time to get FIRE'd up! But wait. What exactly does FIRE mean?

There are so many definitions of what it means to be financially independent. There are also a number of ways to interpret early retirement too!

Here’s what we mean when we refer to FIRE.

Financial independence is accumulating enough assets that work becomes optional. My FIRE journey has been a roller coaster ride. But at 35, I did it!

Like the stock market, there were many volatile moments. Yet, it was always upward progressing over the long-term.

In the midst of toxic work environments, I was able to quit jobs on the spot.

How so? I had my financial ducks in a row. Before I got my finances in order, I didn’t feel secure enough to resign...especially without a Plan B lined up.

I’ve made a lot of money mistakes along the way too. So if I can reach FIRE, so can you!

Money mistakes and financial setbacks are a part of the learning process.

Financial literacy is a lifelong learning process. There are so many things I wish I didn’t have to learn the hard way. That's why I love sharing my biggest lessons learned and methods that helped me reach FIRE.

Ready to FIRE it up?!

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