Passive Income from Affiliate Marketing

By now you may not be surprised if I said it’s possible to create a six figure blog without millions of viewers.

Allow me to expand on the previous lesson...Exhibit A: Michelle’s Making Sense of Cents blog.

I got started blogging for fun to share my personal finance tips. To finance this hobby and create a Plan B (in case I quit my job), I tried different ways to monetize my blog.

I enrolled in the Making Sense of Cents Affiliate Marketing Course.

Within weeks of applying the strategies in the course, I was earning passive income. First, I’ll share my old strategy. Then Michelle’s strategy so that you can see the difference.

For months, I tried different ways to monetize my blog.

I sold online courses, e-books, and so forth. Through those offers, I was barely able to cover my basic expenses, but nothing more.

It felt like I hit a glass ceiling.

No matter how much I tried, I was not making enough to be able to leave my 9-5. But I didn’t want to give up on being my entrepreneur dreams just yet.

I thought I knew everything about creating a profitable online business.

After all, my blog was profitable in less than a year of putting up my website. But there was something missing if I still couldn’t leave my 9-5 on the income I was earning.

I felt so suffocated at the cubicle and my business wasn’t taking off. I didn’t want to quit without a solid plan lined up (which I have done in the past!) So what’s a girl to do? Something I should’ve done from the Day 1...

Earn passive income from affiliate marketing.

Michelle earns over six figures a month on her blog. Last month, she made $104,065 to be exact. She makes over $50,000 a month just through affiliate marketing!

After taking the course, I started applying different strategies that resonated most with me. I wanted to do what felt most authentic. For instance, I’m not excited about Twitter, so I didn’t use those particular social media strategies.

Soon I was noticing a gradual and consistent increase in my monthly revenue.

Through Michelle’s course, I learned that I was leaving money a lot of passive income on the table.

After all the trial and error over the years, I can with confidence that affiliate marketing is the way to go. Yes, building a profitable blog is totally doable even without millions of views.

The affiliate marketing strategy.

Michelle earns over $50,000 a month through affiliate marketing. In her course, she shares exact steps she’s taken to earn over $300,000 from a single blog post. Yeperz, it can really just take one blog post.

The affiliate marketing course also covers great Pinterest and Facebook marketing strategies...after all she does have over 100K followers on Pinterest! Most importantly, she covers the latest affiliate marketing disclosure rules needed on the website, social media and so forth.

Interested in building a profitable blog without millions of views (or selling your soul)?! Be sure to check out Michelle’s Making Sense of Cents Affiliate Marketing Course!

I learned marketing strategies Michelle used to go from $0 to over $100,000 per month on her blog. The course provided the latest social media to marketing tips to create passive income blogging.

Through the Making Sense of Cents Affiliate Marketing Course, I was earning passive income on my website within weeks! To learn more about blogger Michelle’s tips on how to create a six-figure blog, check out the course here!

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