Money Chakra Clearing Session

Clear your money chakra with a distance energy healing session.

Reiki healing energy will be channeled to your money chakra for 60-minutes.

During the session, simply find stillness. You may lay down, sit up, read a book, or meditate. Some people even prefer to take a walk in nature.

No in-person meeting is needed.

Price: $250

Upon payment, select a 1-hour time slot for your distance session.

The relaxing and cleansing benefits can last for several hours to several days.

Each individual has different experiences during and after the session.

Some feel a deep sense of relaxation, energized, and clarity. Some people fall asleep while others feel nothing different. 

In all cases, the experience was exactly as it needed to be.

Afterwards please make sure that you are gentle with yourself. Staying hydrated can help you process emotions and the energy that your body is clearing.


Price: $250


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Enjoy your session!