Tap into Your Intuition Through Meditation

Feeling like you hit a glass ceiling in your career? Can’t seem to get your finances in order?

Then it’s time to tap into your intuition for clarity. To do so, make time to find stillness through meditation.

Meditation, among many other types of energy work, helps with focus and improving intuitive abilities. The more you practice meditating, the easier it becomes to hear your inner voice, your intuition.

It is the nature of our mind to think all day long.

Meditation helps us to understand the nature of our thoughts as simply thoughts and our relationship to them, so that our thoughts can be more at our service rather than the other way around.

With a busy schedule and a busier mind, taking the time to meditate may be tricky. However, five minutes of practice can be as effective as an hour.

The sincerity of the effort matters far more than elapsed time since meditation is about stepping out of minutes and hours and into moments.

So if you can only manage one minute of mindfulness, that is great! It means you have already remembered the value to stopping and shifting even momentarily from doing to being.

Meditating does not mean you have to sit still.

Walking meditations are just as beneficial! So go out in nature and just be. No music, no iPhone. Just be.

Also, meditating does not mean you have to somehow make your mind blank. If your mind wanders, that’s natural. All you have to do is bring the attention back to your breath each time.