3 Key Journal Prompts

Money is energy. Often times, a few minutes is all it takes to release negativity and increase positive energy flow.

Journaling helps to get negative thoughts and emotions out on paper. This includes releasing limiting thought patterns around finances that don't serve you.

More importantly, journaling can help you to become more aware of the emotional drivers in your financial situation.

Setting your intention matters.

Before doing any money chakra clearing activities, set your intention. For example, you might set the intention to take small but consistent steps each day to improve your net worth.

Write freely for a few minutes each day.

Whether you prefer to do so first thing in the morning or before you go to bed, it’s up to you. To start, use the following journal prompts to help you assess your money chakra:

1. What belief patterns around money did you inherit from your upbringing?

2. Are there limiting belief patterns around money that influence your ability to create money flow?

3. What characteristics within yourself would you like to strengthen in order to attract financial abundance?

Consistency is key

Remember, when it comes to energy work, it’s like maintaining a clean home. You need to keep up with the housework, clean the kitchen, bathroom, attic and so forth.

This way, you can have a more relaxing space to manifest and continue to keep your vibrational frequency high.

If after a week you feel that journaling is not for you, then try another method. The key is to take small but consistent steps using your preferred method to maintain a clear money chakra.

Ask the Unvierse a question.

Write out any questions and concerns you may have surrounding your money blocks. This could include writing out possible solutions to your situation too.

Then be open to receiving answers.

The Universe communicates with us throughout the day through signs, symbols, and synchroniticities. Yet, we don’t always notice the different signs from coins, feathers, to numbers.

Dreams, synchronicities, and symbols can also provide messages from the Universe to help us along our journey in life. And yes, we receive signs that can help further us along our financial journey too!