Combining Reiki with Other Disciplines

Combining Reiki with other Healing Disciplines

Reiki can enhance the effectiveness of almost any other method of healing. Reiki energy balances the subtle frequencies of a person’s energetic body.

Reiki can be combined with any other therapy to achieve deeper and more profound healing. The healing energy will go where it is needed and do what is needed to facilitate change and natural healing.

If you are going to combine healing modalities you must first explain to the recipient what you intend to do during the session and get permission from them to use more than just Reiki. Reiki will go where it is needed and do what is needed to facilitate change and healing on its own but you can combine it if you feel called to do so.

Below are a couple of examples of how you can combine Reiki with other healing modalities, but remember you are only limited by your imagination.

Reiki & Focusing

As you may know, there is a direct connection between your body and mind as it relates to your health. We store feelings and emotions in our bodies. When these feelings and emotions fester they can lead to unhappiness and illnesses. Thus, issues that are not dealt with but locked away may cause physical and emotional damage as the body, mind, and spirit is out of balance.

Through the art of focusing we can communicate with the bodymind and release the blockages and destructive emotions. Health, well-being and balance follows. Learning to communicate and understand your body, mind, and spirit is essential for your overall happiness.

Focusing Technique for Self-Healing

Sit or lie down in a comfortable position with closed eyes. Focus on your breathing and begin a normal Reiki self-treatment. When complete, rest both hands across your chest covering your heart.

Focus your awareness inside and notice how safe and relaxed you feel. Allow your awareness to travel within your body from your toes to the top of your head. Notice any aches or pains that have appeared. If nothing appears, look again as you may find an ache or pain on the second or third scan.

Focus on the pain and stay with it for a few moments.

Acknowledge the pain. Thank the part of your body that has come to talk to you today. Notice what color it is. Notice what shape it has. If that part could communicate with you and could say only one word what would it be?

Focus on the word that surfaces. Ask the word when it first entered your body. You will normally invoke a memory. If you get emotional, allow it to be released.

Continue the conversation with the part of your body until you have resolved the emotion or issue. Use Reiki to heal the area. If you find it is too difficult to talk and continue the conversation, channel Reiki to the situation so it can heal it for you with its infinite wisdom.

Complete the session with an aura sweep.

Sometimes you may find that these issues are left over from past lives or childhood. You can use the complete Reiki sandwich to help balance and remove the emotional and physical pain.

If you find it too difficult to work directly with your various issues write them down on a piece of paper and channel Reiki to them. As you release the emotional blockages, you will feel a new sense of peace. This technique can be adapted and used to treat others as well.

Got questions? Refer to the Reiki: Level I, II, and Master Manual here!