Preparing for a Session

Reiki can travel through all materials such as stone, brick, concrete and metal. However, the metal and stones used in the manufacturing of jewelry come into contact with and attract and store energy. It is advisable to remove all jewelry such as rings, watches, earrings, chains and necklaces from yourself and ask the recipient to remove any jewelry as well.

Practitioners who work with precious stones and crystals for healing recognize that these materials can become saturated with negative energy. That is why they cleanse them on a regular basis.

To allow Reiki to flow freely through you and the recipient, remove tight clothing such as belts, ties and shoes. This will also make you feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Reiki can travel through clothes so there is no need to remove any other forms of clothing. You may find it more comfortable if you wear loose fitting clothes when you are working with Reiki.

Alcohol depresses energy. Always refrain from consuming alcohol and any mind altering substances if you know you are going to be working with Reiki for at least 24 hours before a session.

Wash your hands before a Reiki session using a lightly scented or neutral soap. Your hands come into contact with the recipient so it is important for hygiene purposes and the peace of mind of the recipient to have clean hands.

You can clear any negative energy and raise the vibration of the room by using the Cho Ku Rei (CKR) symbol. Mentally draw the CKR symbol on the walls, ceiling, floor, furniture, crystals and candles.

Got questions? Refer to the Reiki: Level I, II, and Master Manual here!