Reiki Attunement Overview

As Reiki is available to everyone at any time, an attunement is not mandatory to practice Reiki. After all, we all have the natural ability to heal ourselves and others.

So why is a Reiki attunement beneficial? A Reiki attunement aligns the bodymind in a way that increases the flow of this energy significantly.

An attunement helps ensure you have a clear connection with the energy and continued Reiki sessions ensures your reception remains strong.

An attunement is an alignment that will be with you for the rest of your life. Like programming a specific number into your phone, you will always have Reiki on speed dial.

Measurements of the energy emitted from an attuned practitioner’s hands versus a non-attuned practitioner illustrates the importance of the attunement.

Like a wireless connection, we know the signal is there even if we cannot see it. When we make a call on our cell phone or use our computer with a Wi-Fi hotspot, we are tuning into that frequency which results in us connecting with other people and information.

Reiki energy is a life force like that signal except that we are the “satellite towers”. We are the conduits which harness this energy from all around us. In order to effectively work with Reiki, students undergo several attunements. These attunements can be done over the course of a few days or performed all at once.

Keep in mind that we are all connected to Reiki energy but the attunement process helps to ensure you are a clear channel to receive it.

Interested in a Reiki Attunement? Refer to the Reiki Master Manual here!