Beginning + Ending the Session

Positive Affirmations

If you are working on a specific condition with the recipient, you can try incorporating positive affirmations.

For example, if the recipient wants to stop smoking, you can ask the recipient to silently intone at regular intervals throughout the session “I now release the need to smoke cigarettes.”

You yourself can also intone the same affirmation with each new hand position. Pay particular attention to the third eye chakra.

Scanning the Aura

Before you begin a session you can scan the recipient’s aura. Use your intuition to sense possible problems or blockages. Sense how the energy beneath your hands or in your palms feels.

You may notice a variance in temperature. If you are guided or drawn to a particular position on the recipient’s body, trust your intuition and go with it.   

Beginning The Treatment

Ensure the recipient is lying flat on the table fully clothed with their arms down by their sides. Their legs should also be flat against the table and should not be crossed as this can block the flow of Reiki.

Gently lay your hands on the recipient’s body. For injured or sensitive areas such as the face, throat, chest and genitals, you will NOT want to place your hands directly on the recipient.

In those areas, hold your hands approximately 4-5 inches above the body. For recipients with touch issues you can perform the entire session with your hands above the recipient’s body rather than in contact with it.

Keep your hands in each position for between 3-5 minutes. As you become more experienced you will use your intuition to guide you regarding the length of time you spend in each position.

Your fingers should be together when your hands are in position. This keeps the channel strong between the recipient and the universal life force. If your fingers are spread apart the current of Reiki energy tends to be weaker just as water would slip through your open fingers.

At the end of a session always offer the recipient a glass of cold water to aid in grounding. You will also want to wash your hands in cold water after each session. This will help your bodymind feel that the session has ended.

Hand Positions

There is not an exact number of hand positions when healing others with Reiki.

Refer to the PDF guide on hand positions for healing others as a reference but ultimately trust Reiki and your intuition.

Ending the Session

When you have completed all hand positions, place your left hand on the recipient’s crown chakra and your right hand above the base of their spine (root chakra).

This final position helps to balance the energy. You may also want to complete your session by sweeping the recipient’s aura. You can do so by sweeping your hands above the recipient’s body from the crown down to the feet.

Got questions? Refer to the Reiki: Level I, II, and Master Manual here!

Guide_ Hand Positions for Healing Others.pdf