Distance Attunement

Distance attunements allow Reiki to be spread around the world. Thousands of Reiki students who have received distance attunements have shown that they are just as effective as attunements received in person. The distance attunements operate under the same principles as a distance Reiki healing session.

Distance attunements are ideal for people who are unable to travel or attend a course, or who have an urgent need to become attuned to and use Reiki for personal healing or because they would like to pursue a path in teaching and healing. All distant attunements should be conducted to the highest professional standards with a strong emphasis on attention to detail.

Distance Attunement Preparation Guidelines

Distance attunements reinforce the fact that all living things are connected and can communicate at a deep unconscious level. Whether a student is attuned through a distance attunement or in person, it is their responsibility to create their Reiki practice, to study and evolve as a Reiki practitioner or master.

A student’s intention to be attuned and work with Reiki is the key to success.

Below are a few things you can do to enhance the experience if you choose to conduct a distance attunement:

• Agree upon a date and time in advance to perform the distance attunement.

• If possible, the recipient should be in a receptive state and ready to receive the attunement, though it is not absolutely necessary that the student be paying attention or even be awake to receive the distance Reiki attunement.

• Request that the recipient either lies or sits down in a comfortable position. (Note: once the attunement has begun, the recipient can get up and move around and still receive the full attunement).

• Most individuals will enjoy the experience more if they set aside the time, and find a quiet place to receive the attunement. They may find it helpful to have their eyes closed and hands resting on their lap, palms facing upwards or held in a prayer position.

• Remind the recipient that receiving the distance Reiki attunement is only a part of the process. They must commit time and practice to learn and master the techniques. Reiki is an intuitive practice but studying the material thoroughly gives intuition a starting point.

The most common challenge when performing distance attunements is helping the recipient understand that we all experience Reiki in different ways. Just like an in person Reiki session is experienced differently by each person, everyone will experience the distance attunement ceremony differently. Some of the most common experiences are as follows:

  • feeling hot or cold
  • see colors
  • hear sounds or voices
  • see spirit guides or past masters

There is no right or wrong way to experience the attunements and this is just the beginning of the journey with Reiki. Not everyone will have a dramatic experience and some individuals may have difficulty sensing Reiki energy during the attunement.

In order to receive the best experience during an attunement, both you and the student should set the intention to be connected to Reiki energy and be relaxed and open.

There are a number of ways of performing a Reiki distance attunement...

Direct Intention

The direct intention method involves connecting energetically with the recipient through cords of white light and allowing the attunement to run through that connection. This method is generally recommended when you are in the same room as the recipient but they are not able to participate in a typical in person attunement.

An example of this would be in the case of a very sick person. You may visit them and it is not practical to attune them while they are lying ill in a hospital bed, but they would like to be able to work with Reiki by conducting self-treatments.

In this example, you could use the crown to crown attunement and set the intention that the recipient has the ability to perform self-treatments every time they place their hands on their body or think about Reiki energy.

Direct Intention Using a Surrogate

This method combines the direct intention method with the use of a surrogate (teddy bear, your legs etc.) and gives the attunement in person to the surrogate while intending that it go to the recipient.

Refer back to your previous Reiki Course Manual for more information on how to use a surrogate. With technology we can use tools such as google maps to help us visualize the connection to the distance Reiki recipient.

Example: How to Use Technology to Connect to Perform a Distance Attunement

If the Reiki Master who will perform the distant attunement lives in Australia and the student/recipient lives in the UK…

• Use Google maps and visualize your journey/flight across time and space to reach the recipient’s house in the UK, in general or you could be even more specific and type in the address of the recipient and use the google street view to help visualize the exact location of the recipient.

• Visualize the exact location where the Reiki student will be during the distance attunement. You can imagine yourself leaving your location and travelling across time and space to be in the same location/room with the student.

• Another method would be to ask the power and wisdom of Reiki to allow and guide you to connect with the recipient across time and space. Imagine Reiki creating the connection and transporting you to the recipient’s home so you are in the room with them. You could then ask Reiki once the attunement is completed to transport you back home to your current location and close the connection.

How the Recipient Should Prepare for the Distance Attunement

There are a few things the recipient should do in order to prepare for the distance attunement that will help to enhance their experience.

Refer to the reference on how the recipient should prepare for the distance attunement in order to provide guidance to your students so they are ready and open to receive the distance attunements.

Download PDF Checklist: Distance Attunement Preparation for Recipients

Checklist_ Distance Attunement Preparation for Recipients.pdf
Guide_ How to Conduct Distance Attunements.pdf