Room Setting + Conditions

It is important to create the right setting whenever possible for a Reiki healing session.

You may work from home and use a spare room just for healing. You may want to look at the viability of joining your local therapy/healing centre or rent a healing/therapy room at an hourly/daily/weekly basis.

The room should be light, clean, and feel safe.

Make sure you will not be interrupted by internal or external distractions, such as the telephone or doorbell. If possible, use a therapy table. You will need two pillows for the recipient’s head and under the knees.

Make sure the room is heated to a comfortable level as some people may get cold just lying still on your treatment table. Thus, have a warm blanket available.

You may find that adding a plant and some crystals under your table is pleasant. Some people like to work in total silence during a session while others prefer to have soft music playing in the background.

You may wish to search for music that has been created specifically for Reiki sessions.

Many music compilations for Reiki have been designed to run for the length of a full treatment. This includes a bell or chime added at 3 or 5 minute intervals to let the practitioner know when to move their hands to another position.

Burning incense or oils can add a pleasing aroma to your room.

However, be careful as some people are sensitive to certain smells and it may cause them to experience an unpleasant session.

During a Reiki session you may find the recipient begins to cry as they release blocked emotional issues, so always keep a box of tissues handy for these occasions.

Got questions? Refer to the Reiki: Level I, II, and Master Manual here!