Guide: Conducting Distance Reiki

In the art of Reiki, the restrictions of time, and distance do not exist. Reiki can be channeled to a person, or group, located on the other side of the world. Reiki can also be channeled Reiki to a past, present or future situation.

Channel Reiki to People from a Distance

When channelling Reiki to another person over a short or long distance, the recipient may be in another country suffering from an illness. Or, they may be in need of an energy boost or want relief from a stressful situation. The distance doesn’t matter because Reiki can transcend any distance.

When you channel Reiki across a distance, you can also set the time it is received. For example, if you live in the US and you wish to channel Reiki to a relative in the UK. It could be Monday morning in the US and you know your relative is going into the hospital for surgery the following day, Tuesday morning in the UK.

With the time difference you might be driving home from work or in bed during the middle of the night. Thus, you can sit down before the event when you are relaxed and able to focus and ask that the power and wisdom of Reiki, while harnessing the power of the HSZSN symbol, to deliver healing energy to your relative at the time of the surgery.

Channel Reiki to the Future

Reiki can be channeled to the future to important events such as a wedding, exams, job interviews, doctor appointments etc. Because you may not always be available at a particular time to conduct a Reiki session with someone or even yourself, this technique is an effective way to ensure that the power of Reiki is flowing at that special event to help you or the recipient should it be for your/their highest good.

Like the previous example, when you channel Reiki, you can state the time, place and person who is to receive the Reiki and the situation if you know that information.

Channel Reiki to the Past

The ability to channel Reiki to the past allows you to help heal previous events, experiences and situations. Channelling Reiki back along a person’s timeline will not alter history, but it can balance what occurs as a result of the past events.

People who hold on to previous experiences, both positive and negative, with much of the healing done in the present moment, are actually working with the baggage carried forward from the past.

For example, suppose that you have been suffering knee pain from a past injury. Visualize the scene of the injury and channel Reiki to yourself and the event. You may want to set your intention for the specific past experience or time period to focus on during the Reiki session.

Past Lives and Reiki

At birth, to some extent we already have stored behavioral traits, attitudes, fears, illnesses and beliefs from our parents, ancestors, religions and memories. These inherited traits can cause imbalances that affect our lives. In these cases, inherited memory could be the trigger.

The memories are not your "past life" experiences but memories and traits that have been passed on from previous generations (not necessarily within your bloodline). We all have inherent beliefs and tendencies imprinted on our genetic code. For the most part, the genetic code is not fixed and can be modified.

Reiki can help to balance what is occurring between the bodymind at this time and the many influences from the past that are affecting it. This can include physical traits or hereditary illnesses passed on, cultural behavior patterns, inherited religious dogma or fears, past traumas, major events, disasters, and environmental factors.

In some cases these traits or tendencies can be connected to an imbalance at a physical level. In others, these past influences can be influencing mental, emotional and energetic aspects.

Reiki can help to balance the hereditary trait in connection to the bodymind so that the information can be processed and utilized constructively when needed, and no longer has an unconscious effect on the individual.

The Sei He Ki symbol can be used to help address these triggers. Some practitioners find working at the crown chakra and using the mental emotional symbol or the master symbol (once you are attuned and familiar with it) to focus the Reiki energy to be very powerful.

If during a session you receive images or memories from a time past, this may be an inherited memory that is ready to be balanced.

Channel Reiki to Places, Situations and World Events

Reiki can be channelled to any place, situation, event in the world. You may wish to help to heal conflicts and major accidents or mindless attacks such as the following:

  • Road, rail or air traffic accidents: The next time you hear of an accident or pass an accident on the road, you can channel Reiki to all of the people involved.
  • War Zones: Channel Reiki to all of the victims of war with an intention of bringing about a peaceful resolution and reconciliation.
  • Terrorist Attacks: We share the planet with some groups and individuals with a different frequency. To increase the awareness, you can channel Reiki to all the victims, relatives and friends who are being affected.
  • Political situations: During contentious elections or meetings of powerful groups that can have an impact on millions of people, like the G8 or the UN, you can channel Reiki so that the differences among political parties with different ideologies are balanced and decisions are made that benefit the highest good of all humanity.

When you channel Reiki to any of such situations, you can use the same techniques as in any other distance Reiki session.

To preserve your integrity and ethical standpoint about conducting Reiki, intend that Reiki go to all who want it and would benefit from it. Rather than channeling Reiki to any particular individual, make this healing energy available to those who need it most.

Got questions? Refer to the Reiki: Level I, II, and Master Manual here!