3 Pillars of Reiki

The 5 Reiki principles are based on the 3 pillars of Reiki.

The pillars are for clearing, setting an intention and then releasing expectations, control and witnessing the session.

•        Gassho: (Gash-Show)

•        Reiji-Ho: (Ray-Gee-Hoe)

•        Chiryo: (Chi-Rye-Oh)


Gassho means “two hands coming together.” Gassho helps to hold the intention of gratitude, respect, focus, balance and connection to collective consciousness.

The Gassho hand position help focus and quiet the mind during meditation. Place the hands in prayer position with eyes close and bring awareness to the tip of the middle fingers. If the mind wanders, gently press the middle fingers together and refocus.

  1. In a seated position, place your hands in gassho position
  2. Focus on where your two middle fingers meet
  3. Let your thoughts fall away
  4. Recite the 5 Reiki principles out loud or in your mind
  5. When finished, send the intention of gratitude  

If you find this meditation beneficial, it is recommended that you perform it in the morning and evening for 15-30 minutes ideally for one month. You may find it useful to make notes of your experiences as you meditate as well as how your life situation changes over time.


Reiji means “indication of the Reiki power.” Ho means “methods.” Reiji-Ho consists of three short rituals that can be performed before each Reiki session.

  1. Raise your hands, in Gassho position, in front of your heart. With eyes closed, ask for the Reiki energy to flow through you.
  2. Ask for the healing and wellbeing of the recipient. Raise your hands to your third eye and ask to be guided to where the Reiki energy is needed.
  3. Allow your hands to be guided. Detach from any desires you may have regarding the outcome of the session and trust the Reiki energy and your intuition.


Chiryo means “treatment.” Chiryo is performed by the practitioner holding their dominant hand above the client’s crown chakra and waiting until there is a signal to move, which the hand follows. The Reiki practitioner continues to use their intuition with regard to hand placement until they are called to end the session.


The body and consciousness are connected by breath. We breathe in oxygen for physical survival and universal life force to nourish and cleanse our spirit. Joshin Kokyu-ho is a helpful breathing method for reducing your stress and purifying your mind and body. It is also a great meditation for both cleansing and healing.

  1. Begin in a comfortable standing or sitting position with hands in Gassho position. Close the eyes and breathe slowly, through your nose. Let go of any tension.
  2. Hold your hands up as high as possible, and visualize the light (Reiki) showering into the whole of the body.
  3. As you breathe out, visualize that the light filling your body is spreading out in all directions, filling the room and beyond.

Performing this meditation regularly will strengthen your connection to Reiki. Some also find it will increase their intuitive abilities as well.

Dan Tian

The Dan Tian is located in the abdomen between the navel and pubic bone. The Dan Tian holds a reservoir of energy. By taking time to connect with this energy point, you can increase your vitality and ensure you are a clear channel for Reiki energy.

  1. Bring your mind to Dan Tian and listen to your breathing.
  2. While you are breathing in, visualize that white light (Reiki) is filling your head, and down the center of your body into the Dan Tian. During the pause between inhalation and exhalation, the light spreads to all parts of your body. Feel that the healing process is happening.
  3. As you exhale, visualize that the light filling your body is spreading out in all directions, filling the room and beyond.

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